The real estate market is a game. As a Seller, you can manage your own time. People won’t go back to living in caves, so the market for houses and apartments will never end. So we created an online platform serving to sellers, by posting your unlimited listing for FREE

Problems were found by sellers

The problem are their listings duplicate with other sellers on website and the information are mixing as well it will make Buyers confused

Sharing properties

Duplicate listings and multitude of agents selling the same property as you are mixing information, qualities, deals and prices. None of you have competitive advantage and Buyers are confused!

The problem is A Seller man very serious about the marketing cost that he could not control

Marketing loss

Most of the cost for your marketing efforts are untraceable. How much does each lead really end up costing you? Are you out-marketing your earnings before you even make close a sale? You just don’t know.

The problem are Sellers did not ensure that they will meet the right buyer or not

Not your Buyer

When a customer and you don’t match, the disappointment ends up beings a cost of time for both of you. Most of the “potential” leads aren’t your true “buyers”! It’s hard when leads aren’t transparent about intentions.

pipDee assistant focus on enquiry letter to filter better leads for Sellers

Focus your energy on selling, not searching.

Your time is valued. Without the need of running, get leads for qualified Buyers.

Enquiries should be a good deal for both you and the Buyer, and that’s what the pipDee admin strives for. Let us do our best at qualifying Buyers and you do what you’re best at - selling!

pipDee assistant talk to Seller about pipDee website No other seller will be able to post the SAME property

Exclusive for one Seller - you!

On pipDee, there is no competition between agents and no cannibalism within the same agency - one property with one address can only be uploaded once! Projects like condos and villages are taken care of among Project Managers or Owners.

As long as a pipSeller is working in good will actively and with responsibility towards the site’s system - and as long as the Owner approves of it - your listing is one of its unique kind on pipDee.

Get lead first fixed price only 500 Baht for rent and 999 Baht for sale

Get leads. first Fixed price!

On pipDee, you can track your costs per property easy! Get potential leads, then pay for each contact. Save money by knowing exactly what you get.

THB 500

for rent

THB 999

for sale

pipDee assistant is helping Seller to make a quality listing and meet Buyers

The admin is an active resident on the website, here to ensure your best experience. See the admin as a user same as yourself and be free in your conversations with us.

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